VMware vSAN安裝及設定管理

VMware vSAN:Install, Configure, Manage [V8]
  • 時數:28小時
  • 費用:NT$ 59,500
  • 點數:17.5


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台北 24343 班 2024/04/15 ~ 2024/04/18 每週一二三四 09:00~17:00 報名







During this four-day course, you will gain the knowledge, skills, and tools to plan and deploy a VMware vSAN™ cluster. You will learn about managing and operating vSAN. This course focuses on building the required skills for common Day-2 vSAN administrator tasks such as vSAN node management, cluster maintenance, security operations, troubleshooting and advanced vSAN cluster operations. You will learn these skills through the completion of instructor-led activities and hands-on lab exercises.


Storage and virtual infrastructure consultants, solution architects, and administrators who are responsible for production support and administration of VMware vSAN 8.



• ICM:VMware vSphere安裝及設定管理課程或同等知識


1.Course Introduction

2.Introduction to vSAN

3.Planning a vSAN Cluster

4.Deploying a vSAN Cluster

5.vSAN Storage Policies

6.vSAN Resilience and Data Availability

7.Managing vSAN Storage Space Efficiency

8.vSAN Security Operations

9.vSAN HCI Mesh

10.vSAN File Service and iSCSI Target Service

11.vSAN Stretched and Two Node Clusters

12.vSAN Cluster Maintenance

13.vSAN Cluster Monitoring

14.vSAN Troubleshooting

15.vSAN Express Storage Architecture



1.Describe vSAN concepts

2.Detail the underlying vSAN architecture and components

3.Explain the key features and use cases for vSAN

4.Identify requirements and planning considerations for vSAN clusters

5.Explain the importance vSAN node hardware compatibility

6.Describe the different vSAN deployment options

7.Explain how to configure vSAN fault domains

8.Detail how to define and create a VM storage policy

9.Discuss the impact of vSAN storage policy changes 10.Detail vSAN resilience and data availability

11.Describe vSAN storage space efficiency

12.Explain how vSAN encryption works

13.Detail VMware HCI Mesh™ technology and architecture

14.Detail vSAN File Service architecture and configuration

15.Describe how to setup a stretched and a two-node vSAN cluster

16.Describe vSAN maintenance mode and data evacuation options

17.Define the steps to shut down a vSAN cluster for maintenance

18.Explain how to use proactive tests to check the integrity of a vSAN cluster

19.Use VMware Skyline Health™ for monitoring vSAN health

20.Use VMware Skyline Health to investigate and help determine failure conditions

21.Discuss vSAN troubleshooting best practices

22.Describe vSAN Express Storage ArchitectureTM concepts