VMware vCloud Director安裝及設定管理課程

VMware Cloud Director:Install, Configure, Manage [V10.X]
  • 時數:35小時
  • 費用:NT$ 69,900
  • 點數:20.5


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In this five-day course, you focus on installing, configuring, and managing VMware Cloud Director™ 10.X. You learn about workload provisioning, the creation of organizations, virtual data centers (VDCs), catalog services that include predefined virtual machines, and on-demand VMware NSX® networks.

This course also covers interfacing VMware Cloud Director with other systems and the integration and use of VMware Cloud Director Availability™. You also learn how to manage multisite, cross-VDC networking, and configuring Central Point of Management (CPOM) to define a Software-defined Data Center (SDDC) for a tenant and provider users of VMware Cloud Director. This course also discusses how to monitor various VMware Cloud Director objects using VMware vRealize® OperationsTM and discusses administering tenant facing applications using vRealize® Operations Tenant AppTM.


Customers, cloud architects, systems engineers, data center administrators, and cloud administrators with experience in managed services or managing a service provider environment


參加本課程前需要先完成下列課程: ICM:VMware vSphere安裝及設定管理課程或同等知識

Substantial knowledge of TCP/IP networking is helpful.


  1. Course Introduction

  2. Software-Defined Data Center and VMware Validated Design

  3. Deploying and Configuring VMware Cloud Director

  4. VMware Cloud Director Provider and Tenant

  5. User Access Control

  6. Working with Virtual Machines

  7. Working with vApps

  8. Managing Catalogs and Templates

  9. VMware Cloud Director Networking

  10. Advanced Networking

  11. Additional Features

  12. Resource Monitoring and Feature Preview



  • Deploy VMware Cloud Director
  • Manage VMware Cloud Director to meet the service provider needs
  • Create and manage VMware Cloud Director organizations and vApps to fulfill business needs
  • Create and manage VMware Cloud Director catalogs
  • Transfer virtual machine workloads from VMware vSphere® into and out of VMware Cloud Director
  • Configure networking for organizations and vApps with the help of VMware NSX-T™ Data Center and VMware NSX® Data Center for vSphere™
  • Discuss customer onboarding scenario using VMware Cloud Availability for on premises-to-cloud workload migration
  • Enable a layer 2 stretched network that spans across multiple VMware Cloud Director sites and organization VDCs within the same site
  • Manage resources from the VMWare Cloud Director console and use VMware vRealize® Operations Manager™
  • Manage a dedicated VMware vCenter Server® and publish proxies to the tenant
  • Onboard developer applications to the tenant using VMware Cloud Director® App Launchpad™
  • Enable VM and Named Disk Encryption
  • Create VM sizing and placement policies